SIM Automation Laser-labelling

Laser labelling with the SIM marking system

Our laser labelling system (LLS) provides self-contained and high-performance solutions for laser labelling small batches of individual parts. The “LIGHT”, “BASIC” and “ADVANCED” laser marking system versions can be set up directly on a desk or mounted onto the moveable base frame. By using the most up-to-date 3-axis laser marking systems, we are able to offer you a laser labelling system that can be precisely adjusted to the materials and part geometry you wish to label.

Laser labelling

The integrated optical “3-axis technology” in the SIM laser marking systems, which allows the focal point to be freely set, is especially impressive. This allows the marking laser to follow various shapes, easily switch between different heights (± 21 mm = 42 mm) and sharply mark any shape, including slanted surfaces, cylinders and cones.

Depending on the type of laser, the size of the labelling field varies between 120 x 120 mm to 330 x 330 mm.

Various laser marking systems for different types of materials, including systems with power ratings of between 13 and 50 W:

  • CO2 laser with a wavelength of 10,600 nm
  • YVO4 laser with a wavelength of 1,064 nm
  • Fibre laser with a wavelength of 1,090 nm

Laser labelling with SIM marker

Table design in the versions LIGHT, BASIC and ADVANCED
Dimensions: 780 x 1010 x 960 mm (WxHxD)

In addition to our standard system, we also offer custom solutions that are designed according to your requirements.

Standard version of the marking system:

Clamping plate with T-slots:
Viewing window in lift door:
Lift-door opening:
Height of the part to be labelled:
Z-axis adjustment area:
Suction hose:
Electrical connection:
Interior room lighting

400 x 500 mm
290 x 210 mm (laser protection glass)
(approx.) 625 x 375 mm
(approx.) 0–300 mm
300 mm
ø 50 mm (installed in cell)


  • Movable base frame with footprint for laser source and PC (total height of the laser labelling cell with frame: 1,830 mm)
  • External extraction system
  • Electrical Z-axis for setting the focal point with operator push-buttons (ADVANCED version)
  • Opening and closing the lift door with operator push-buttons (ADVANCED version)